Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan?

A: A Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan is a separate plan containing documents that include the following sections:
  • A Site Specific Plan that describes what BMP's (Best Management Practices) ie; Silt Fences, berms etc. will be used at the site to control contaminated storm water runoff.
  • We provide subcontractor agreement sheets that you can use for them to sign that states they will comply with the requirements of the SWPPP as it pertains to their activity. (OPTIONAL)
  • County Historical Information
  • A site plan that shows the site area and the sediment controls that will be used for the site.
  • Inspector Certifications - We are certified by an Engineer to perform the weekly or bi-weekly inspections of the site.
  • State Regulations - A copy of the General Permit 150000.
  • EPA Regulations
  • Local Regulations - Design Criteria for proper installation of BMP's

Q: Why do I need a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan?

A: It is required by Local, State and Federal Environmental Agencies.

Q: When do I need a Storm Water Pollution Plan?

A: When your site is 1 Acre or more.

Q: When do I need a Notice of Intent (NOI)?

A: When your site is 5 Acres or more.

Q: What is A Notice of Intent?

A: A Notice of Intent (NOI) is a form you complete to apply for a Permit to discharge to surface waters in the state. This is completed when your site is 5 Acres or more.

Q: What is a Notice of Termination?

A: A Notice of Termination (NOT) is a form you complete to notify the State you will no longer be discharging to surface waters. This is completed when the construction site is at 70% stabilization.

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